San Vito Lo Capo Vacation
San Vito Lo Capo Vacation
Dal 04/08/2017 al 06/08/2017 -

Baglio, Olio e Mare

A feast of the sea and its flavors, whoms protagonist is the sanctuary coast between Santa Margherita, Castelluzzo and Macari. Go back "Baglio, olio e mare", a party of the sea and the products of the territory that will give you the opportunity to know closely the specialties of local fresh fish, accompanied by renowned oil extracted from the olive groves of the territory.

The event is organized by the Municipality of San Vito Lo Capo (TP). During the weekend you can enjoy fish-specialties on the seaside, you can choose between the fried fish at the moment in a giant frying pan, shrimp, sardine, maccarruneddu and alice, and tasting fish sword, zerro and fish of the day cooked to the barbecue by the Castelluzzo Cultural Tourism Association. Taste of the region's oil, with unique flavor.

On the northwestern coast of Sicily, stretched and enclosed in the bay between the natural reserves of the Zingaro to the West and Monte Cofano in the East, San Vito Lo Capo is the "Cous Cous City", a plate of peace and symbol of integration between peoples and different cultures. Distance from Trapani about 39 km (100 from the city of Palermo, the provincial capital), 6 meters above sea level, San Vito Lo Capo includes the hamlets of Macari and Castelluzzo. A marina tradition village, developed around the ancient Saracen fortress, later converted into a sanctuary dedicated to San Vito, today the main activity is tourism. Its climate, the beach, the sea, the adjoining streets of flowers, fresh fish, intense scents and panoramas offer the tourist the opportunity for an unforgettable holiday. Of particular interest are the Torrazzo, the Sanctuary and the Temple of Santa Crescenza, all in Arabic-Norman style


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