San Vito Lo Capo Vacation
San Vito Lo Capo Vacation
Dal 13/06/2017 al 15/06/2017 -

San Vito Festival

Feast of the Holy Protector

The Feast of the Holy Protector of San Vito Lo Capo is characterized by a great devotion of all the country's navy. June 15 is a great party for the whole category and the boats are all in the harbor. The fishermen's party begins in the afternoon with the picturesque and fun game of the sea antenna, an ancient game, a real attraction for tourists. This is a challenge among young people in the country who will have to walk through a 10-meter-long wooden beam suspended on the sea and made slippery by soap. A flag will be placed at the end that participants will have to try to conquer. The winner will receive a prize, but always after numerous falls in the water. Meanwhile on the long beach the faithful and the curious wait for the arrival of the saint. When the three characters touch the ground, to celebrate their arrival, rockets and the beach are rocketed, while the crowd prepares to follow them to the Shrine with a long procession. The picturesque procession winds through the streets of the country and becomes ever more long while the devotees of the saint lift hymns and prayers. The statue of San Vito is covered with insignia: the crown (prize of God), the palm (victory of martyrdom), the cross (strength of faith) and the coat covered by the ex-vote of the faithful (devotion), and is carried to the shoulders of devotees. There are many pilgrims coming from neighboring towns as well. This religious moment, especially felt by the sanctuaries and not only, marks the beginning of the summer season.


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