San Vito Lo Capo Vacation
San Vito Lo Capo Vacation

Scopello: a short walk from San Vito Lo Capo

Scopello, 35 km from our apartments in San Vito Capo, rises on a cliff of red rocks on the east side of the Gulf of Castellamare.
This is where the visitor remains enchanted in front of the "Faraglioni" theater, shortly before being used to fish tuna (the Mattanza). Immediately there is a succession of "Cala delle Mosche", "Scoglio del Passero", "Mazzo di Sciacca", finally to reach the gates of the Natural Reserve of the Zingaro which is only 7 km from San Vito Lo Capo.

If you want to spend your next vacation in San Vito Lo Capo, one of the most beautiful resorts in the province of Trapani, do not wait any longer! Select one of the many tourist facilities that offers you, and spend your holidays choosing between:

A wonderful and evocative panorama can be seen from Scopello paese: a delightful and small built up area around a baglio, a structure that recalls those of the eighteenth century. Also in this area is the Bennistra Tower with the Guidaloca Tower and other coastal towers that in the 16th century were used for defense of the Saracen pirates.

The landscape

Scopello is the ideal place for a long walk to discover the simple flavors of local cuisine, ancient crafts and slow rhythms of a place that preserves an archaic atmosphere of great charm.

Here the peasant tradition is linked to an ancient relationship with the sea, giving Scopello a unique character. On the one hand, the forest, once a hunting reserve of Ferdinand II of Bourbon; On the other, a splendid chapel limited by shelters and protected by old watchtowers, where an old tuna factory tells stories of tuna fishing and of the many lives that intertwined with the sea. It is said that in the past the Cove Bay was the base of pirates who used carvings to hide their ships.

The flavors

Before you leave, go for a break to refresh yourself and enjoy, for example, the "Pane Cunzatu" (seasoned bread) which has a unique flavor.